Camp Farley Rates and Dates

2019 Rates and Dates
Overnight Camp $595/week
Day Camp $375/week
Horseback Riding $225/week

Overnight Camp:
Week 1 (6/30); Week 2 (7/7); Week 3 (7/14); Week 4 (7/21); Week 5 (7/28);
Week 6 (8/4); Week 7 (8/11); Week 8 (8/18)

Day Camp:
Week 1 (7/1); Week 2 (7/8); Week 3 (7/15); Week 4 (7/22); Week 5 (7/29);
Week 6 (8/5); Week 7 (8/12); Week 8 (8/19)

DISCOUNTS (and the fine print):

$25 Discount for every NEW Referral.
Camp Farley will take $25 off your camp fee for every NEW camper you refer! Refer multiple campers, get multiple discounts. Discounts valid for new campers only and not members of your household. Total discount cannot exceed your total cost (ie no cash value). New camper must provide your name on the registration form- no exceptions. Multiple discounts can be earned for every new individual, but not multiple weeks for the same individual. Discount(s) will be applied to balance after Camp receives and confirms each referral.

WEEK 1 SPECIAL: 20% off! We are open July 4th!

Camp Farley continues to offer a fully staffed and enriching camp program during Week 1 but also offers a 20% discount for this week only. 20% discount is in addition to other discounts and applies to Overnight and Day Camps. Discount does not apply to Horseback.

SEASON: 10% discount for individual campers signed up for 8 weeks at INITIAL REGISTRATION.

FAMILY: 5% discount to children of the same household registered for a combined total of 4 or more weeks at INITIAL REGISTRATION.

NOTE: EITHER the Season or Family discount will apply, whichever is greater. Multiple weeks may be a combination of day or overnight camps. To be eligible, campers must register for the multiple weeks at the time of the INITIAL REGISTRATION. Season and Family discounts do not apply to Horseback.

MILITARY: Additional 10% off children of active military families. Military discounts do not apply to the Horseback riding programs.

Two weeks prior to the arrival for a week of camp, full payment for that week is due and payable. If your child is registered for multiple weeks, only payment for the upcoming week is due at that time. For example, a child registered for week 1 and week 5 has full payment due for week 1 on or before June 16 and full payment for week 5 on or before July 14. There is a $30 fee for all returned checks.

For those parents on a tight schedule, Camp Farley offers the option of prepaying and submitting all the required forms BEFORE arrival in order to speed up (i.e. “fast track”) Camp Farley’s registration process. Please review Camp Farley’s “Camper Check List” to ensure that all registration items (including the PHOTO) and payment are submitted at least fourteen days before the camper’s arrival date. Forms will not be accepted less than fourteen days before your child’s arrival date.