LEADER In Training Contract

As a Leader In Training (LIT) I will adhere to the general rules found in the LIT Handbook, which I have received and understood (I have asked the LIT coordinator for clarification of the rules if necessary). I agree to serve as a good role model for all campers. I agree to the consequences for the above rules in the handbook and other inappropriate behavior will result in a consequence.

Smoking is illegal under the age of 18 and drinking alcohol is illegal under the age of 21. LITs will not smoke, vape, drink alcohol or take illegal drugs on camp. Anyone caught smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs will not continue on the LIT program and will leave the camp immediately.

Curfew is at 10:30pm. All LITs should be in the cabins at this time (not in the bathrooms, at picnic tables or leaving the dining hall). Failure to meet this curfew will result in: 1st Time Warning – Bed at 9:00pm with the Campers 2nd Time – Report to Camp Director

By typing your name in the box you are agreeing to the terms of this contract!