There cannot be a more serious responsibility than taking care of children and Camp Farley's staff are the foundation of its summer camp program. Our culturally diverse staff represent carefully selected candidates from across the country and around the world who have been recruited for their experience, specialized skills, character, leadership, and affinity toward working with youngsters. Camp Farley's resident staff also include a qualified nurse, experienced behavioral specialist, and trained food service employees.

Camp Farley offers a great place for kids, and an ideal work experience and the majority of our staff either "grew up" through the our program or have worked at camp for several seasons. All staff - whether new or returning - undergo a comprehensive hiring process which includes an application, interviews, references, and a comprehensive background check. Camp Farley adopts the highest hiring procedures established by local, state, and federal regulations, and our accreditation is based on the highest possible standards developed by the camping industry.

Camp Farley represents a relatively small camp and, as such, we are able to create a strong sense of "family". The minimum age of counselors is 18 or a high school graduate, and Camp Farley also hires 2-3 select junior counselors at 17, who were former campers and successfully completed Camp Farley's counselor-in-training program. Program staff, along with Camp Farley's supervisory team, work together to provide campers with the best possible camp experience.


Camp Farley staff receive comprehensive training and ongoing supervision to ensure strict compliance with established procedures and policies, activity standards, and counseling guidelines. Program staff receive at least 1 week of intense training and orientation before camp starts. Our goal is to build a staff team that works together to provide a positive and safe experience for campers. Staff are trained to focus on the needs and abilities of campers, how to work with groups and individuals, and how to deal with situations that might require help. The Camp Farley team approach is based a commitment to providing a positive camp experience to the children we serve.


Our resident nurse is primarily responsible the health and wellness of staff and campers, and our resident Behavioral Specialist typically handles non-medical needs of campers such as homesickness and behavioral issues. These support professionals, along with other staff, work together to closely monitor campers to ensure the well being of our children. Camp Farley's written medical procedures are approved and supported by Cape Cod Pediatrics, and our camp is served by local emergency responders when necessary. We place a high value on safety and about half of all camp staff, including everyone working at the waterfront and high risk activities, are trained in first aid and CPR.


Aquatic activities are carefully organized to maximize fun and minimize risks and certified waterfront directors and lifeguards work together to supervise every waterfront activity. The first day of each session, campers participate in a swim evaluation so they can be placed within an appropriate section/depth within our waterfront. All campers (and staff) wear lifejackets whenever involved in waterfront activities, regardless of their swimming ability, except when swimming.


CURRENT 2017 STAFF (more updates coming soon)

Joyce Oberthal Summer Camp Director of Camp Farley

Joyce Oberthal, Summer Camp Director

Hello everyone! My name is Joyce Oberthal. I am the Camp Director of Camp Farley. I have had the privilege of working at Camp Farley for over 20 years. During the school year I teach Kindergarten in Virginia. I love coming back to camp every summer to see all of my camp family. My favorite things about camp are camp songs, campfires, s'mores, talent shows and spending time outdoors on a beautiful summer day. But, my absolute favorite thing about Camp Farley is our campers! We have the best campers in the world! I can't wait to see you all this summer!

Jordan Spencer, Assistant Camp Director

I'm Jordan from Burnley, England and I'll be the Assistant Director at Camp Farley this summer. I used to study History, Physics and Philosophy and I now work full time in sales. I cannot wait to come back for my second summer at camp. I've always been quite a sporty person taking interest in Athletics, Football, Climbing and in general keeping healthy. I look forward to meeting you all this year :)

Anna Duncan, Childcare Specialist

Hi! My name is Anna and this year I will be joining you at Camp Farley as the Childcare Specialist. I am a Primary School Teacher from Christchurch, New Zealand and this will be my first time travelling to the United States. In my spare time I really enjoy travelling, cooking and doing arts and crafts. I am really excited to be joining the team at Camp Farley and can't wait to meet all of the campers this summer!

Ellen Adby, Lifeguard

Hey everyone, I'm Ellen and I live in south west England, near the coast. This is my second year working at Camp Farley down on the waterfront. I'm not in school at the moment but in the future I'm thinking about becoming a nurse. I'm a big fan of any sport and am happy to take part in whatever is going on but my favourite is netball, one that most of you might not have heard off. My favourite thing about Camp Farley was being able to meet new people every week, along with creating amazing new friends.

Blake Carpenter, Recreation Department Counselor

Hi, my name is Blake. This year I’ll be a counselor in the Rec department. Being my seventh year at camp, I’m glad to have met and continue to meet many enthusiastic campers throughout the years. I was born and raised in Hanson, MA. After camp, I’ll be attending my first year in college at Plymouth State University, NH. I plan to major in Exercise Physiology. I’m a member of the WH Lifting Team and an exercise mentor at my high school. I'm excited to see the kids enjoy new and old activities up at the good’ol Rec Field.

Linley Conduit, Waterfront Director

My name is Linley, this year at camp I will be the Waterfront Department Head. I am from Melbourne, Australia. Some of my hobbies include surf lifesaving, skateboarding and surfing. I absolutely love to travel and am very excited to be returning for another summer. I am most looking forward to seeing all my friends I made last year and having another fantastic summer at Camp Farley!!!

Caroline Denman, Creative Arts Counselor

Hi, I'm Caroline! I'm from a small town in Massachusetts called Millis. This is my ninth year at camp, and my third year working in the Arts and Crafts department. I go to UMass Amherst, and am studying Business Management. My interests and hobbies include playing tennis, running track, and volunteering. I'm looking forward to another fun summer at camp!

Hannah Gregory, Barnyard Specialist

Hi, my name is Hannah Gregory, this year I will be joining Camp Farley as a Barnyard Counselor. I am 20 years old and live in Adelaide, South Australia. Some of my favourite things to do include: reading, bike riding and swimming. I am also an avid fan of Alpacas. I actually spent my High School lunch times taking care of Alpacas and preparing them for the Royal Adelaide Show, which is a really big annual event where I'm from. I am super excited to be joining Camp Farley this year for what is going to be a terrific summer. I can't wait to meet you all :)

Jake Ibbotson, Lifeguard

Hello everyone! I'm Jake, I'm 19 and I'm from Anglesey, North Wales. I attend college where I am studying outdoor sport. This is going to be my second year at Camp Farley where I'll be working as a lifeguard. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Sophie Kelliher, Lifeguard

Hi, my name is Sophie! I am from Mansfield, Massachusetts and will be working as a lifeguard this summer! I attend Clark University where I am studying Spanish in the hopes of becoming a teacher. One of my favorite hobbies is running. I am very excited to return to camp this summer not only because I get to reconnect with old friends/meet new people, but also because I find the experience of working with children very rewarding. Camp Farley has been such a big part of my life ever since my first summer when I was 10 year old. I have met friends who I believe I will have for the rest of my life and had experiences that I will remember forever. I am very excited for the summer of 2017!

Anahi Medina, Archery Instructor

I am from Mashpee! I was a camper at farley for 9 years and a C.I.T for 2 years! This will be my second summer as a counsellor. I am currently in my senior year at Mashpee High School. I want to study to become a Pediatric Oncologist. I am in varsity cheerleading and varsity tennis. I’m also in an amazing club called Health Occupation Students of America or HOSA for short, we explore health careers and compete with other schools in Massachusetts. My favorite thing about camp has always been the diversity of staff and campers and how easy it is to become friends with everyone! The friendships you make are so strong and unique!

Adam Murray, Lifeguard

Hello! My name is Adam Murray and I come from Dundee, Scotland. I am 20 years old and this will be my second year as a lifeguard at Camp Farley. I have swam competitively for over 10 years and I am a fully qualified open water scuba diver. As you can probably tell, I love the water and hope that I can make this summer as fun as possible for everyone!

Tori Nelson, Arts and Crafts Counselor

Hi, I’m Tori! This will be my 12th summer at Camp Farley. I love being outdoors and staying active! I am a photojournalist and going to school for aviation management at Bridgewater State University. I’m super excited to see everyone from last year and to meet all of the new campers and counselors! I am looking forward to another amazing summer at camp!

Sophie Phillips, Lifeguard

My name is Sophie Phillips and I live in a little town called Falmouth in Cornwall, England. This will be my second year working as a lifeguard at camp Farley, I have had plenty of experience from working at a fun pool in my town for the past couple of years. I really enjoy watersports such as surfing, diving and more regularly surf life saving as I am captain of my local club. I've also danced from a young age and performed in numerous shows over the years. I finished school last summer after studying Media, Photography and Biology and I hope to use these skills to become involved in underwater filming for an organisation such as the BBC one day. I am looking forward to seeing old friends from last summer and to meeting lots of new people.

Matthew Proctor, Assistant Archery Instructor

Hi, my name is Matthew Proctor and this will be my 7th year at Camp Farley. I was a camper for 5 years, a CIT for 1, and this will be my first summer as a counselor! I am from Falmouth, Massachusetts and I am currently a junior at Falmouth High school. I enjoy all things sports as I am a three sport athlete that plays football on a team that recently won a D2-A Superbowl, and run both winter and spring track. After High School I plan on joining the Marine Corps either right away or after I complete 4 years of college. The things I love about camp are all the new people and never ending friendships you make in such a short amount of time. As well as the impact you get to have on the kids and helping to contribute to create memories of camp they will never forget.

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Andrew Stark, Recreation Department Head

Hi! My name is Andrew, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. I will be the Rec department head this year, this is my first summer at Camp Farley and I'm very excited to be spending my summer there. I'm currently in my first year of studying applied science at Inverness college. I have coached and played for an American football team called the Highland Wildcats and I'm a fan of the New England Patriots. I enjoy playing rugby, rock climbing and try and get involved in as many sports as I can. I can't wait to see everyone in June!!

Halley Tickell, Arts and Crafts Counselor

Hello, my name is Halle Tickell and I am going to be an Arts and Crafts counselor this summer at camp. Before this summer I was a camper for five years and a Counselor in Training for two years. I am from Sandwich, Massachusetts. I currently attend Sandwich High School and some of my interests include running, soccer, skiing, and surfing. I hope to study nursing in college and also run track. My favorite part about camp is all of the friendships you make during your time there and getting to meet all of the kids and have a positive influence on their summer.

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Camila Vinha, Recreation Counselor

Hi, I'm Camila, I am from Wayland Massachusetts.I was a camper at Farley for 6 years and this will be my 10th year at camp. I am currently a freshman at the University of New Hampshire. I love cheerleading and have been a competitive cheerleader for 8 years. My favorite thing about camp is the positive environment and everyone’s enthusiasm!

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Matt Woodard, Challenge Course Leader

Hi, I'm Matt Woodard and I will be the Challenge Course Leader at camp this summer. I am from Medfield MA and I currently attend the University of Hartford for Computer Engineering. I am looking forward to spending the summer at camp enjoying the outdoors and spending time with the campers. This will be my third year at Camp Farley.

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Nicole Wrack, Lifeguard

Hi my name is Nicole. I come from New Zealand, this will be my second year working at Camp Farley in the waterfront department . I can not wait to come back and see everyone again plus make more friends. I love swimming, netball and surf life saving just being outdoors really. See you all very soon :)

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Tristan Zenon, Nature Counselor

Hello, my name is Tristan Zenon and I will be a camp counselor for the Nature department. I go to the University of Hartford, studying Acoustical Engineering, but I am originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, so I'm no stranger to the outdoors! This will be my first year at Camp Farley but I am very excited to be a part of a great organization like this.