General Information

Camp Farley was founded in 1934 and is independently owned and operated by the Cape Cod Camp Corporation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization welcoming Campers from all over New England. The program meets or exceeds regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for operating a children's camp and is licensed by the Board of Health. Camp Farley is commited to safety and quality programming, and is accredited by the American Camp Association. Camp Farley undergoes a comprehensive process of operational review – from staff qualifications to training to emergency management – to ensure compliance with more than 300 standards. The American Camp Association collaborates with experts from The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth services to assure that current practices reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards. ACA standards are the standards for best practice in camp operations.

Camp Farley's summer program has a strong environmental focus and offers comprehensive outdoor education experiences in the context of a traditional camp setting. The ability to offer high quality programs at reasonable fees is made possible through the generous donations and volunteer support of individuals and community organizations. Camp Farley offers programs and employment without regard to race, religion, sex, gender identity, or national origin. A more complete discrimination statement can be found in About Camp Farley.


Campers expect lots of fun & excitement while attending Camp Farley's summer programs, but they receive a great deal more. Youngsters learn while participating in various program activities and - more importantly - they develop self-esteem, and a positive attitude and understanding of our earth. Camp Farley's programs are designed to educate and develop youth in acquiring life skills of communication, problem solving, decision making, and leadership. Camp Farley's structured weekly curriculum provides a balanced variety of fun & educational activities within a traditional outdoor summer camp setting.


  • to experience safe independence,
  • to have fun,
  • to learn about the outdoors,
  • to love the earth & become stewards of the environment,
  • to learn to live, work and play with others,
  • to learn self-reliance,
  • to learn to get along away from home,
  • to increase confidence and self-esteem,
  • to develop some new skills and interests.


  1. To provide opportunities for our campers to build good character, foster a sense of self worth and to help them to express and understand their feelings.
    1. Each camper will choose activities each day that allow them to explore their interests or challenge themselves to grow.
    2. Each camper will participate in getting-to-know-you games at the beginning of their stay at camp allowing them to begin to feel a part of the camp community.
    3. Each camper will receive encouragement and positive comments from staff members and be encouraged to share these same kinds of comments with each other.
    4. Each camper will have an opportunity each day to share their experiences during the day and how they felt during their activities and respond to the experiences of others.
  2. To promote an appreciation of and a sense of responsibility for the natural world and the resources our world provides.
    1. Each camper will participate in at least one nature activity each week.
    2. Each camper will participate in our camp's recycling program.
    3. Each camper will be encouraged to use reusable bottles for drinking water.
    4. The camp will provide elective activities that allow campers to explore our natural world and its resources.
  3. To promote a sense of good citizenship, leadership and responsibility to their group.
    1. Each camper will have the opportunity to share in tasks to take care of their camp.
    2. Each overnight camper will share in development of the rules for their cabin each week.
    3. Campers will participate in activities that help to build a sense of teamwork and leadership.
  4. To promote an environment which values and models diversity and allows campers to meet and get to know people from cultures outside of their common experience.
    1. The camp will strive to build a staff that represents a variety of cultures and nationalities and to welcome all campers.
    2. Campers and staff members will be encouraged to share experiences to learn about different cultures and experiences.
  5. To promote a sense of healthy risk taking to promote camper development and growth.
    1. Campers will be offered a variety of activities to choose from during electives programs and will be exposed to a sampling of camp activities during scheduled activities.
    2. The camp will follow the "Challenge by Choice" model - allowing campers to decide whether or not they are ready for the next challenge.
    3. The camp will ensure that campers wear all appropriate safety equipment and follow all safety rules when engaging in higher risk activities. 

Additional information about Camp Farley's philosophy, goals, and how our values are incorporated in our program see About Camp Farley section of our website.


There is NO CAMP STORE OR CANTEEN, and no need to provide money to campers. Camp Farley will have a limited supply of spirit wear (such as tee shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts) available for sale this year. All sales support our camp. Please call / email the office for details, or inquire upon check-in or departure.


Camp Farley is located at 615 Route 130 in Mashpee. When arriving from "Off-Cape", follow Route 6 onto Cape Cod. Take Exit #2 at the Sandwich/Mashpee exit and turn right at the end of the ramp onto Route 130. Watch for the CAMP FARLEY sign about 6+ miles on your left. Look for the big Camp Farley sign on your left. If you go by the "Anchor Storage" facility on your right, you just passed us!

Our mailing address is Camp Farley 615 Route 130 Mashpee MA 02649, however when using a GPS for directions to camp you will need to put the address as:
Camp Farley
615 Main Street
Mashpee MA 02649

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Camp Farley offers 3 meals daily for Overnight campers. Camp Farley provides two snacks a day for both Day and Overnight campers. Day campers are required to pack a lunch. 

Camp Farley strives to make every camping experience a positive one. We recognize the importance of providing delicious and well-balanced meals and snacks. For this reason, we are very excited to share that Farley has partnered up with Wolfoods to offer the absolute best in nutrition for campers this year. Our camp meals are designed to be healthy, fresh, "kid-friendly" variety, and Farley staff makes adjustments for vegetarian or allergenic needs. Breakfasts typically include a hot entree, juice, as well as a choice between a sweet and non-sweet cereal. Lunches typically include a sandwich, with peanut butter and/or jelly sandwiches always available as an alternative option. When possible and/or deemed appropriate, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches may also be available as an alternative to dinner entrees.

Vegetarians: A vegetarian option is included when deemed necessary or appropriate. Vegetarians are expected to be as flexible as omnivore campers and staff. In order to assist with meal planning, please note that vegetarian options are available only to campers and staff who have indicated this preference upon arrival to camp, and who abide by their stated choice throughout the week.

Our staff make every attempt to encourage campers to use good table manners, make healthy eating choices, and be open to new food experiences. Please note that due to practical constraints and camp philosophy, we do not provide individual/alternative selections to our menu. Campers experience a number of growth opportunities while attending camp, and being flexible about trying different foods is part of the overall beneficial experience of camp.