There cannot be a more serious responsibility than taking care of children and Camp Farley's staff are the foundation of its summer camp program. Our culturally diverse staff represent carefully selected candidates from across the country and around the world who have been recruited for their experience, specialized skills, character, leadership, and affinity toward working with youngsters. Camp Farley's resident staff also include a qualified nurse, experienced behavioral specialist, and trained food service employees.

Camp Farley offers a great place for kids, and an ideal work experience and the majority of our staff either "grew up" through the our program or have worked at camp for several seasons. All staff - whether new or returning - undergo a comprehensive hiring process which includes an application, interviews, references, and a comprehensive background check. Camp Farley adopts the highest hiring procedures established by local, state, and federal regulations, and our accreditation is based on the highest possible standards developed by the camping industry.

Camp Farley represents a relatively small camp and, as such, we are able to create a strong sense of "family". The minimum age of counselors is 18 or a high school graduate, and Camp Farley also hires 2-3 select junior counselors at 17, who were former campers and successfully completed Camp Farley's counselor-in-training program. Program staff, along with Camp Farley's supervisory team, work together to provide campers with the best possible camp experience.


Camp Farley staff receive comprehensive training, ongoing supervision to ensure strict compliance with established procedures and policies, activity standards, and counseling guidelines. Program staff receive at least 1 week of intense training and orientation before camp starts. Our goal is to build a staff team that works together to provide a positive and safe experience for campers. Staff are trained to focus on the needs and abilities of campers, how to work with groups and individuals, and how to deal with situations that might require help. The Camp Farley team approach is based a commitment to providing a positive camp experience to the children we serve.


Our resident Nurse is primarily responsible the health and wellness of staff and campers. Along with other staff, the Nurse works together to closely monitor campers to ensure the well being of our children. Camp Farley's written medical procedures are approved and supported by Cape Cod Pediatrics, and our camp is served by local emergency responders when necessary. We place a high value on safety and about half of all camp staff, including everyone working at the waterfront and high risk activities, are trained in first aid and CPR.


Aquatic activities are carefully organized to maximize fun and minimize risks and certified waterfront directors and lifeguards work together to supervise every waterfront activity. The first day of each session, campers participate in a swim evaluation so they can be placed within an appropriate section/depth within our waterfront. All campers (and staff) wear lifejackets whenever involved in waterfront activities, regardless of their swimming ability, except when swimming.