4-H Camp Farley Coronavirus Information


***All of the protocols below are subject to change based upon current regulations and guidance from the CDC and the Massachusetts Board of Health during the Summer of 2022***

Daily Health Screenings:  All campers will need to go through a daily health screening.  Day campers will be screened before they can be dropped off.  Campers who have a fever of 100.4 or higher or other COVID-19 symptoms may not attend camp.  A negative test must be provided before the camper can return to camp. Overnight Campers will also be given a daily health screening by Camp Nurse.

Overnight Camper Health Screenings:  The Massachusetts Health & Safety Guidelines for the re-opening requires ALL OVERNIGHT CAMPERS MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED FOR COVID-19 OR HAVE A NEGATIVE COVID TEST WITHIN 72 HOURS OF ARRIVAL AT CAMP. We ask parents to please arrive to Camp with a negative test in hand with your Camper(s). These tests are a requirement by the State of Massachusetts, and we ask that parents & guardians please be patient with us as we navigate testing requirements. **All testing requirements & protocol is subject to change**

If your Overnight Camper is attending multiple back-to-back weeks, they will not be required to bring additional 72 hour PCR tests, however they will be tested on arrival of the first day of each session they attend. If there is an interruption between weeks, they will be required to bring a negative 72 hour PCR test on day of arrival. This will also be required for Campers alternating between day & overnight. If you have questions, please call Camp Office!

Please note Overnight Campers may not leave camp for any reason this summer due to Covid guidelines. If a camper must leave, they will not be allowed to return.

We will continue to monitor and follow guidelines laid out by the CDC, State of Massachusetts, Town of Mashpee & American Camp Association. We will continue to collaborate & share information regarding opening of overnight camp. 

Masks: All campers and staff members are being asked to wear a mask when they are within 3 feet of each other indoors and when they are participating in outdoor activities like Arts & Crafts where they will be sitting in close proximity to one another. Campers should attach their mask to a lanyard to wear around their neck so that the masks don’t fall to the ground when not being used.  Campers should also bring spare masks with them to camp.

When campers are outdoors and can maintain 6-foot distance between themselves and others they may remove their mask.

Group Activities Locations: Groups will be scheduled so that there is ample room for campers to be socially distanced from other campers both in their own group and in any other group.    

Water Bottles: Each camper will need to bring a reusable water bottle with their name on it to camp each day.  Please make sure to wash the water bottle each day before sending it back to camp.  Campers will be able to refill their water bottles during the day, however the water bubblers will be turned off for safety.  Staying hydrated at camp is extremely important.  If a camper forgets their bottle of water, they should communicate this to their counselor so that paper cups can be obtained.

Sunscreen:  Camp staff will not be able to apply sunscreen to campers.  Please make sure that day campers have sunscreen applied before they come to camp and overnight campers bring their own sunscreen that they can apply.

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizing: Campers and staff will be encouraged to wash their hands and sanitize as often as possible and necessary.  Hand-washing stations and sanitizer will be located at multiple locations throughout the camp.  All campers and staff will clean their hands before and after eating.

Bathrooms:  A staff member dedicated to cleaning has been hired for this summer.  Bathrooms will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.  Staff members will be encouraged to sanitize bathrooms with a sanitizing spray after their group has used the facilities. 

Visitors:  In order to provide an environment with the greatest safety for our camp community, we will be following the guidelines from the CDC and the Massachusetts Board of Health.

Day Camper Drop Off: Parents should park their car in the parking lot and walk their camper to the check in spot by the gate. Each camper will be asked about their health upon arrival.   Please make sure your camper has had sunscreen applied before arrival at camp.  It will not be possible to apply sunscreen in the parking lot this summer.

Day Camper Pick Up: Day camper families should park and walk to the check out spot to pick up your campers.  Please make sure to wear your mask when you are at the gate.

What if it Rains? Each group will be signed a specific shelter so that there are not large numbers of people in one location.

What if someone gets sick?  Camp has a designated Quarantine Cabin which is right behind the Nurses Cabin. In the event a Camper or Staff member displays symptoms of Covid-19, they will be asked to quarantine in this location, and will not be able to return to Camp until they have provided a negative test.  The Camp Nurse will determine if quarantine is necessary, and communicate with our local Physician Consultant.