A Letter from Our Director

In 1990, as a 12 year old kid, I spent my first week away at overnight camp. My father had passed away earlier that year, my mother was adjusting to becoming a single mom, and the opportunity for my sister and I to spend a week at camp seemed like a great fit. Because of our circumstances, I was forced to grow up rather abruptly, but for one week that year, I played outside, swam until my skin pruned, enjoyed arts and crafts, and made lasting friendships. Camp is a sort of magic for children and adolescents. Camp Farley was that magic for me.

Over the next decade, I would spend every summer at Camp Farley. I worked as a Counselor in Training, a Junior Counselor, a Lifeguard, a Department Head, and eventually as a member of the Key Staff Team as the Childcare Specialist. My experiences at Farley were among the most formative and fun moments of my life. More than that, my experiences at Farley taught me a tremendous amount about the kind of motivating and empowering leader I wanted to become.

I believe that camp is a unique magical moment in time where people are forced to grow personally, interact socially, and enjoy tremendously the gifts of being outside. To join my love for camp with my desire to grow personally and professionally, was a perfect match. When the opportunity arose for me to return to Camp Farley as its Executive Director, I jumped. High. This is a DREAM job for me. I knew Camp Farley needed a leader with a vision who would honor all the best of Camp Farley while moving it forward. I was offered the job and accepted the mission.

I know that when you send your child to camp, it is a huge decision to trust. You must trust that your child will be safe, well cared for, well-fed, challenged and engaged. I take this responsibility very seriously and I am thrilled that you are choosing to partner with Camp Farley in giving your child the best summer camp experience ever.

I was thrilled to lead us through Summer 2018 and I am making plans and preparations for Summer 2019. And while right now, my focus is on spreadsheets and permits, it will quickly turn to slip n’ slides and burgers. Sign up now and get excited about the great opportunity for play, enrichment and growth that Summer 2019 at Camp Farley will offer.

Jacqueline Porro

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